The tradition that tastes like sour cherries.

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Delivery and Returns

Orders should be placed on the website. Items in stock will be dispatched immediately, except in case of rupture.

Any order placed must be identified and given an order number.

All orders will be made by CTT being its costs debited to the User Client. Exception made for Users Clients who have contracts with other carriers, for this, we must be advised in advance. 

Upon receipt of the goods, all goods must be, without exception, confirmed. Any eventual damage must be accurately noted, dated, signed and marked on the delivery sheet.

The absence of any sign of damage is proof of delivery of the order in perfect condition.

After the order is sent, only returns that meet the following conditions will be accepted:
• The maximum deadline for returns is fourteen (14) days after the date of receipt;

• The product packaging must be strictly intact, as shipped;

• All the material returned must not have any kind of damage.

It will be considered after receiving the material and subsequent analysis of its condition, only after approval and authorization by the service responsible is that the refund will be ordered.